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Bizarro weekend: US protects their environment from Canadian Mining company, Canada tells Europeans don't worry about environment drill here

US environmentalists support their government's move to halt Canadian Mining company

Associated Press here:
The U.S. Forest Service is requiring that a Canadian company post bonds before exploring or expanding a gold mine in Idaho. Before the Forest Service will issue a permit, it wants Atlanta Gold a Toronto based company, to provide the $1.3 million bond for 18 months and another $7.3 million bond after the exploration period ends. Environmentalists were pleased with the Forest Service's actions but want the agency to require the entire $8.6 million before exploratory drilling begins.
Meanwhile Canada places "Drill Here" sign on Canada's North.

Steve has sent his Trade Minister, David (oops now I'm a conservative) Emerson, to meet with the Europeans and advise them that Canada's North is open for business.

From Canadian Press here:
"Emerson said future development of Canada's natural resources in the North represents a powerful incentive for Europe to become involved. There is no reason Canada and Europe should not work toward a free trade agreement as both sides are democratic, affluent, and have few impediments surrounding issues of labour and environmental standards."
That's right few impediments surrounding our environmental standards. I mean look what we let the Americans get away with in Alberta and we even speak French in parts of the country. Oh and the Polar Bear thing, don't worry, that's only in the US.


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