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Post framing Bill C57

Right on queue here's the Fox News Canada National Post framing of the neocon spin on the forthcoming Bill C57. The article is about a Roman Catholic doctor: Dr. Levia "who refuses to prescribe birth control pills, though he will talk about natural family planning; and no patient should expect him to give a referral for an abortion because that, he said, would be akin to "co-operating with evil".

When you read down the article you find that Levia is member of the "Canadian Physicians for Life". This organization headed by a Williard Johnston MD defines something called the Hippocratic Tradition (apparently not the Oath that we have heard some much about) as being against abortions and birth control. 

The Post article basically steers it along the Roman Catholic argument, even mentioning the Pope's recent visit and of course no mention of C57. I mean Catholics still represent a large portion of voters in Canada and especially in Quebec, you know the new bastion of conservatism.

Well who is Williard Johnston you might ask. Don't know, but a quick google finds Williard either commenting on his religious beliefs as it applies to health care or being supported in his views at Worshippersplace, and Baptist Press News, the basic US styled and in some cases associated evangelical sites.

Well it is lucky for Williard that Harper is going to introduce Bill C57 that seems to go along with his somewhat strange idea of universal healthcare. I wonder if that is a coincidence? I mean Williard's group is located in Ottawa and he has apparently been part of a Parliamentary report back in the past?

It was also nice of the Post to do this totally unrelated article about the Roman Catholic Dr. Levia, just as the shit is about to hit the fan on C57. You know the neocon, right wing, evangelical, abortion of an amendment mentioned in the previous post.

Yep, just like Fox News worked with George Bush who worked with Jerry Falwell who..


Patrick Ross said…
It'll be awfully hard for individuals like yourself to call yourself pro-choice if you really think that doctors should be forced to perform procedures that violate their sense of ethics.

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