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Neocon Scandal of the Week

Interestingly the winner of last Friday's Neocon Scandal of the Week: Harpers, In and Out Scheme, dominated the media throughout the early part of this week. 
There were numerous articles and newscasts about how the neocons tried to circumvent the messaging of the raid by holding a private meeting with select representatives from friendly, media, corporations and how candidates were unaware of the tricks used in funding. 

Some conservative candidates in the last election claim that they were dropped by the party because they wouldn't agree to the shady accounting. There were even charts showing how the scheme might have unfairly influenced the actual results of the election.

But hey, they are neocons and as Harper said upon his return from praising Bush in New Orleans, if our interpretation of the rules was wrong, we won't do it next time.

With so much press, I  was concerned that we would have to run with the same story. But leave it to those crazy Neocons, there's always a new scandal emerging. At least until they get all of their hidden agenda plan implemented.

Announcing this weeks NeoCon scandal of the week:
Bill C57: An Act to amend the Criminal Code
(protection of conscience rights in the health care profession) 

Basically what we have here is a little amendment that allows doctors, nurses and I assume hospital administrators, hell even the administration clerks for all I know,  the right to refuse performing procedures that are against their conscience. Well what could be behind this little neocon, right wing, evangelical, abortion of an amendment? No ideology or hidden agendas being displayed here folks. Just like Harper replied when asked if "he would overturn a women's right to an abortion", during his first campaign: "Well not in my first term". Oh and delivered with a big grin. Asshole

This story is being fully explained by much better writers than I, all over the Progressive Blogs. Check out one of my favorites The Galloping Beaver for more information.

And here's this weeks runners up:
  • Flaherty's no bid contracts to friends in his riding is heating up with the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner announcing an investigation. As the Liberals claim it is more than one instance and that the numbers are substantially larger.
  • More from CNEWS on Bernier's gaffes in Afghanistan. Apparently "Asadullah Khalid, the beleaguered governor, was packing his bags and poised to depart his post as the governor of Kandahar province when Canada's foreign affairs minister inadvertently called for his ouster last week." Now to save face for all he will remain in his position. So Harper sends Bernier to press Karzai to remove the khalid and the net result is that his stay is prolonged. Brilliant.
  • It was finally announced by the Post that Canada's new war that Harper has proudly taken over on our behalf will cost close to billion dollars this year. The budget doubled from the previous year, but don't worry the neocons are expecting only margins increased through 2011. Of course we won't see those projections or the actuals until 2012.
  • Anders, the neocon Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee called China “the worst human rights abuser in the world” and said the Beijing Games had “similarities” to the 1936 Summer Games held in Berlin at the height of the Nazi dictatorship.
PS: Sorry I'm a day late posting our weekly review of Neocon scandals, I was busy becoming a Grandfather again. Peace


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