Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Christian group rocks on as God brings down the house

With one church destroyed the Christian rock group Starfield is continuing it's tour across Canada.
You would think that these evangelical, cultists just might take it as a sign of some sort, you know, like from God that he/she or it is not really happy with what they are doing and how they are doing it.

You could be a devout Catholic, Jew, Hindu, Muslin, Buddhist (I like the Buddhists, they're cool) or even the Pope himself, but you ain't going to heaven with these spurious, sycophants. At least not until you convert and are reborn by renouncing your other faiths and accept Jesus as your savour. And these churches are renting out their halls to allow these well organized propagandists access to the children of their congregation. Are they not a competing group for Christ sake (pun intended).

PS: Oh and check out their online store where you can buy a cool shirt that reads "I want to hold the hand that holds the world". I really don't know much about religion, but doesn't that mean you would have to be dead first.

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