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Canada's Steve's Warriors

More War News from the Globe:

Apparently Maxime Bernier, Steve's point man on Foreign Affairs got carried away with our country's new role of running a war (I mean we are very new at it).
Bernier urges Karzai to replace Kandahar Governor

Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier dropped a bombshell Monday when he effectively called for the ouster of Asadullah Khalid, the controversial governor of Kandahar province. 
"There's the question to maybe have a new governor," Mr. Bernier said when asked what Karzai could do about the perception of political corruption in Kandahar province, where Canadian forces are based. "I think (Karzai) can work with us to be sure the (new) governor will be more powerful ... (and) will do what he has to do to help us."
Kind of pissed off the Afghans. I mean if one of the objectives is that Afghanistan is going to become a democracy, that should include self rule. Or if Karzai really wants to get rid of one of his corrupt drug lords (elected or not) it is probably not a good thing to have a Canadian freshman telling the international press before hand. Anyway Foreign Affairs quickly retracted Bernier's gaffes as noted again in this Globe piece later in the day:
Bernier backs off Kandahar comments
“Afghanistan is a sovereign state that makes its own decisions about government appointments. I can assure you that Canada fully respects this and is not calling for any changes to the Afghan government,” the statement reads.

“In fact, our primary goal is promoting the self-sufficiency of Afghanistan in all aspects of nationhood, including development, security and governance. We will continue working closely with all levels of the Afghan government to advance this objective.”
Besides the sheer stupidity of sending this young pup out on the international stage alone, the thing that really gets to me is: who is managing our war and what is the fucking mission, objectives, measurements or goals. Two days ago we had Emerson, Steve's Minister of Trade claiming he was the Minister in Charge of coming up with the objectives (see previous post: Canada's War: Still in the Planning Stages) and reporting back to us (quarterly) about benchmarks etc. Of course that would be after the Afghanis informed us of what those measurements and objectives were. On the same day we have Hillier telling the Foreign Affairs Committee that the mission continues in a positive direction.

Now Bernier is let loose to negotiate the removal of an Afghan governor in what is supposed to be private meeting with Karzai.

Who the fuck is in charge and what is the fucking reason we are there!

No wonder Hillier is resigning.


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