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Bush holds breath until 2025

Today, Bush acting upon his new found knowledge that the world is round, has decided to fight global warming. Here's the Associated Press, press release by way of the CBC.
Bush sees U.S. greenhouse emissions leveling off by 2025

U.S. President George W. Bush stepped into the White House Rose Garden Wednesday to announce a new target in the fight against global warming. He wants U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases to stop increasing by 2025 and says his administration has taken a rational and balanced approach to the threat of climate change.

Bush, who leaves office next January, again dismissed what he called "the flawed approach of the Kyoto Protocol." The 1997 deal, which the United States did not ratify, calls on industrial countries to cut their emissions to an average five per cent below 1990 levels by 2012.

It would have limited U.S. economic growth and shifted American jobs to other countries while letting new industrial powers such as China and India increase rather than reduce their emissions, Bush said. He called for a new international deal "that includes the meaningful participation of every major economy and gives none a free ride."
By the time the White House turns green there won't be rose gardens. Imagine if Jeb hadn't been the Governor of Florida and his cousin wasn't on the Fox news desk and the elected president had been in power since 2000.


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