Sunday, April 6, 2008

And when the US tortures?

According to this Associated Press article, a Florida jury has awarded $253M to the children of a Cuban man arrested and jailed in Cuba in 1959. He died in captivity in 1977.

The lawsuit alleged that the Cuban government "intentionally, unlawfully, and with complete disregard for human life, tortured and killed him by hanging." The plaintiffs were ceremoniously awarded, 50% more than the $187M they asked for.

And the reason as explained by one juror "Basically, all of us decided that we all wanted to send a message to the world that countries don't mess around with U.S. citizens,"

Meanwhile on Cuba, the US government is abducting, people from other countries and torturing them.

Give me a fucking break.

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Chris said...

I remember reading something by Noam Chomsky that for the most part, American culture assumes that they can do anything they want because they own the world. This sort of thing does not surprise me at all, given that the US passed laws targeting Canadian corporations that were doing business in Cuba...just a lot of hypocrisy, that's all