Friday, April 4, 2008

Afghanistan is now Canada's war

That's right it is not NATO's war anymore, it is ours. We have ownership.

Steve stepped forward and set down the conditions that had to be met to be successful in Afghanistan (see 1,000 below). Yup, Steve went to Romania and laid claim to the war in Afghanistan. And according to old Lloyd at CTV, the US as our ally is now going to step up and send a 1,000 additional troops. Oh and France is sending a battalion, roughly 700 more troops to help Canada out. They are going to east though, not the south where the Taliban currently is, but hey they are French (sorry France just practicing my US style war rhetoric).

Steve even got to talk to the world press on a podium with Karzi right beside him and explain what is needed and Karzi acknowledged Canada's role. I'm so proud, we finally have our own war.

Way to go Steve! This one's for you.

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