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The Assassination Hit Parade

About a month ago a thought came to me. The only chance for the Republican Party to win in November was to assassinate Obama before the Democratic convention. A quarter of the Obama followers and half of the independents would blame the Clintons. That could be close to 35% of the voting public and when added to the 15% hard core Bush supporters, the Republicans could squeak in again. A few burning cities and an excuse to raise the terror alerts to red would certainly get everyone's mind off of the economy and Iraq.

Then I read in the Dallas Star Telegram that the secret service stopped checking for guns at an Obama event in Dallas, no less. Wow, the plan is already in play. Of course my first thought was that this will be a great blog for the forthcoming JAWL.

Unfortunately, true to the name of our blog, a quick Google search showed that I wasn't the first blogger to think of this.

"Assassinate Obama" 10,700 hits

Should Hillory be worried?

"Assassinate Clinton" 856 hits

And that I would assume included Bill's eight years in office. Obviously the right wing crazies have chosen race over sex.

But what about the left wing crazies.

"Assassinate McCain" 39 hits

What! I thought everyone had guns down there.

How do these numbers compare to Bush and Cheney? After eights years, their numbers must be huge.

"Assassinate Bush" 13,400 hits

"Assassinate Cheney" 1,760 hits

Well that is a little bit more like it. But come on, these two idiots have lied your country into a war, wasted hundreds of billions of dollars, made torture legal in the USA, threw out Habeus Corpus, are spying on you etc. etc. and the best the left wing crazies can do, after almost eight years, is only 3,000 hits more than a half black, democratic, senator that has only been in the news for less than a year.

I think the left is getting out gunned.

But what about our well armed Canadian right wingers should Dion be worried.

"Assassinate Dion" 9 hits

"Assassinate Harper" 10 hits

Oops! I guess the polls are right the Liberals don't have a chance in the next election.

PS: To CSIS and NSA. Welcome, you are the first visitors to JAWL.


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