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American idiots

I remember the original story on this farmer, right after 911. Back when Canadians were flying the Stars & Stripes. Right after Ganderonians were boarding stranded US passengers, and a tour bus driver drove New Jersey seniors home, all the way from BC. Back when we all felt like New Yorkers.

The US government started protecting it's northern border. After all our socialist country was full of terrorist cells. We were even originally blamed for letting the 911 terrorists into their country.

These American assholes invaded the small towns in New Brunswick & Quebec that straddled the border and started laying down ridiculous restrictions, rules and bull shit. One poor French Canadian moose hunter ended up being held in Bangor, Maine for months because he filled his gas tank a few yards down the road with cheaper US gas.

And this old guy Nikolai Pedersen stopped getting his mail because the US border guard's decided that Canada Post couldn't cross the border anymore. The road leading to his farm ran from Canada to the US and back to Canada where his house is located.

Apparently things got back to normal, then his daughter went to visit him. She ran into a road block and told she could no longer use the road.

U.S. border cuts off Canadian war vet from his N.B. home

But don't worry this is joint operation (pun intended) by Canada & the US according to the RCMP interviewed in the CBC report.

"RCMP Sgt. Derek Strong said this week's roadblock is a short-term joint Canada-U.S. anti-smuggling operation and isn't targeting the Pedersen family. Their home is the only Canadian property on the road."

Oops they might not be working that closely together.

"But a U.S. border protection official told CBC News that the crackdown is the beginning of a long-term "enhanced" security effort on the border."

American idiots.


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