Saturday, June 4, 2011

A good weekend to read your blog list

With PROBLOGS still in its debut state, this weekend I am actually reading the bloggers that I have pasted in my blog list.

Good thing I choose some goods ones.

Of course not posting regularly or being other bloggers lists, no one will actually know that.

My gawd, I am alone in the blogosphere.

Hello, hello is there any out there.


fern hill said...

Hi, Willy. No, you're not alone. I've been reading my blog list too.

I miss ProgBlogs.

WILLY said...

Thank the gods there is someone else out there and how fortunate it was someone I actually follow.

Hi Fern.

Oh and thanks for keeping me on your blog list :)

Beijing York said...

I've been reading the blog lists, too. Need my fix of regular favourites PLUS so much goodness out there, praising young and courageous Brigette DePape.