Thursday, February 5, 2009

Want real money become a conservative cowboy

I am not sure that Gerard Kennedy is right about this.

Gerard Kennedy accused the Conservatives of rewarding its political supporters with federal infrastructure money. Apparently $1 billion and 21 of 26 Building Canada Fund projects dispensed so far went to ridings that elected conservatives.

My Mississauga riding elected a conservative Bob “The coalition is seditious” Dechert and we have not received a dime yet. Now to be fair, Bob is new and he probably knows as little about pork barreling as he does about how a parliamentary democracy works.

So Bob check out the Albertans, and try to emulate Ed Stelmach. Look what Harper gave him for xmas. $800 million in infrastructure funds. Sort of a last minute xmas gift, just in case, you know, the Liberals decided to coalesce upon their return last week. Well, they didn’t and now Ed is lining up at the trough again for the Carbon Capture Storage funds.

So come on Bob give it a try. Buy a cowboy hat and try to look more oily. Harper like oilmen. Mississauga needs you.


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