Friday, June 6, 2014

OMG: YouTube is actively campaigning for the Liberal party

There I was this morning, sitting with my eight year old granddaughter, about to get our morning dose of “a spoonful of sugar” and her favorite video was surrounded by this YOUTUBE/Liberal propaganda.

Oh wait, never mind,  my granddaughter explained to me that this was an advertisement that the Liberal Party of Ontario had purchased.

Sorry about that, I was having a dippy moment


Ron Waller said...

Dippy analogy. Don't see any other news media website plastered with partisan ads. Not even the Toronto Sun.

Not to mention the 30+ op-eds that praised Wynne and attacked Andrea as "right-wing" which is absurd to anyone who knows anything about the economic political spectrum.

Have a nice day :)

WILLY said...

It's an ad. Obviously my
eight year old knows more about advertising than you do.

Ron Waller said...

When a news organization turns its website into veritable partisan website plastered with partisan talking points and links, this violates its journalistic objectivity.

One needs more than a grade 3 education to comprehend this.