Thursday, August 29, 2013

I blame Trudeau for this

“I smoked marijuana once and”

  • do I seem like I smoke marijuana [Harper]
  • I smoked a lot of pot [Rob Ford]
  • it was 35 years ago [Kathy Wynne]
  • I did not exhale [Cindy from Kanata]
  • it made me want to rape and kill [Sam Gross]
  • I sold my body for sex and ended up working in a strip mall in Brampton
  • then I bought some hash from my brother Doug

I sure hope Trudeau doesn’t start admitting to strange sex acts with animals or the like..


rev.paperboy said...

Harper doesn't look like someone who has smoked marijuana, he looks like someone who desperately needs to do a couple of bong hits and spend a week following the grateful dead circa 1980

WILLY said...

With his ego and the way he has lived his life....

'But Im really not as cool as I'd like to be
Cause there's a red, under my bed
And there's a little yellow man in my head
And there's a true blue inside of me"

Paranoia the destroyer