Saturday, December 15, 2012

To the victor comes the spoils

The victor is the American spirit. The spirit of a society that cheered the killing, harming and displacement of a million people in a country that they falsely and knowingly labelled as evil. A society that condones the continuing indiscriminateness of drone attacks on populated areas, killing hundreds of innocent women and children in its name.

A country where a kindergarden teacher owns an arsenal of automatic weapons.

Yes, the American spirit that planned for the new American century. The bring it on, we're number one, mission accomplished, you're doing a good job Brownie, God bless fucking America spirit was the victor yesterday. The USA, USA, USA, that issues carry permits in forty nine of fifty states was the victor yesterday.

The spoils were the lives of its innocent children.

If you were an alien that arrived from another planet or for that matter someone living in the middle east under the shadow of drones and you read the two stories about the attacks on school children, the one in Connecticut and the one in China, which society would you believe is more civilized?

Maybe the NRA is correct, guns and drones don't kill, the people do.

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