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A night of one liners

The hardest part about getting back on line is actually giving a shit about what this government says or does at any moment in time. At night, reading my news feeds I sound like Randy Travis screaming I told you so, I told you so. Well the screaming part sounds more like Carrie Underwood, but you get the idea.

I am no young man, but take Tony Clement, for instance, no please somebody take him, because I can’t anymore. Deciding that the misappropriation of G8 security funds by Harper’s president of the Treasury Board is no longer a problem, (and think about that sentence for a minute), the PMO sent him out to an Alberta chamber of commerce meeting this week, to create one liner counter points to Mulclair’s excellent rant about the negative effects of our over priced petrodollar on our manufacturing and exporting sectors.

Of course the PMO through Tony claim that this was a reckless and irresponsible ideology and it is bad for Alberta, bad, for Ontario and bad for Canada.

To prove that point Tony then claimed to be able to name many communities in Ontario and Quebec whose manufacturing has been saved by the tar sands (Saved!. Hell even Alberta isn’t getting saved by the Tar Sands. Two years ago the province netted more in Lotto revenue than they did in oil subsidies.) Anyway Tony failed to name any of the communities.

Instead he went on to explain that Canada is an island of stability in global economic uncertainty and the Harper regime whose stewardship got us here is now planning to further cut the red tape and reduce all regulatory burden in approving new projects.

One project, one review.

And like every thing else with this regime there is nothing that we can do.

I met Tony Clement once and saved him from getting attacked. I controlled my self.


Simon said…
hi Willy...nice post. But sorry I can't help you with Tony Clement. I can't take him anymore either. And seeing him criticize anybody for anything is the absolute limit.

As for this:

Hell even Alberta isn’t getting saved by the Tar Sands. Two years ago the province netted more in Lotto revenue than they did in oil subsidies.

If more people were aware of that shocking little fact they'd realize we're ALL being taken to the cleaners.

And that Big Oil is treating Alberta like a Banana Republic.

OMG. Three more years of the Con regime, three more years of Tony Clement. I don't think I can stand it... :P
WILLY said…
Hi Simon,

I can't get over the TAR sands ads, they are making the largest pollution site in the world seem like a vacation destination. Come see the duck pond.

Anyway I always got a chuckle out of Henny Youngman and Sir Rodney.
the salamander said…
I've been remiss ...

perhaps ol Tony Clement was just too obvious along with his good bro John boy Baird. I can't even remember what Clement is Minister of ! I suspect he's intentionally kept as low a profile as possible after being a sitting duck on the cash flow from our border security to Muskoka.

And its worked out well as Kent and Kenney and Mackay and Hadfield and Fantino and Oda and Paradis and several other dubious lesser lights have taken turns being complete public idiots along with the kabuki parliament puppet king Stevie.. the ethical oily western cowpoke economist from Toronto.. who along with blustery Del Mastro completely forgot they and 12 others hired an American Electoral service bureau to ensure their election was a fait accompli .. OK .. they dis-remembered it so fully that they thought it was the Liberals.. or the NDP hired the damn Yankees to get up here and help get the vote out... or get rid of the vote or whatever baseless smear took place.. but didn't happen .. in fact

Well, I guess I'll just have to get my hazmat suit on and take a close look at the toxic Mr Clement from Ontario.. and while I'm doing that.. may as well take a closer look at Mr Joe Oliver from Ontario ... a very odd and overly ambitious and over achieving Minister of Resources, Energy, and Fish Habitat, Defense Minister against Haida Elders & Radicals, Chief of Ethical Exports and volunteer Minister of Pipelines & Tankers (does he even sleep ?)

That Clement dude .... is he an evangelical Minister by any chance ?
Seems most of them are... Kenney, Del Mastro etc etc
along with about 90 or so of the MP's & backbenchers
that Scheer guy Speaker of the House... he leans that way too ? .. Poiliviere ?
Harper for sure...

Hmm .... ... Well he did warn us ...

'You won't recognize Canada when I'm finished with it'
and he's certainly been grooming a dog's breakfast of Ministers
to help administer the renovations and revelations and ruination ...
or is that ruined nation ..... ?

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