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Wisconsin anti-union law ruled illegal

From the Progressive:
Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi today ruled that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s controversial anti-union law was illegal. “It is necessary to void the legislative actions flowing from these violations,” she ruled. The law, she ruled, “has no force or effect.” Republicans vowed to appeal the decision to the state supreme court.
Well how's that for something positive.


Simon said…
hi Willy...that is indeed the best news I've read in a long time. I'm always looking for good news know like the guy looking for that pony. But I have to admit that these days either that pony is really small or there is just too much manure... :)
WILLY said…
Ah, the curse of the diarrheic shetland ponies or something like that.

The futility of four or five more years of ranting against the Harper government, in the small echo chamber that we rant in, seems overbearing at times.

Hence maybe why we are circling our wagons and bickering amongst ourselves. Maybe nobody else is listening.

The simplest option might be to just go and get on with your life. Ignore the BS and Join the 40% of the country that doesn't bother to vote or the other 40% who believe the butterfly & puppy dogs tales they hear on CTV.

Or as you have often suggested hone the skills required by this frustrating pastime and Rant against the Machine.

Isn't that a band?

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