Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When a broadcaster reveals their progressive side

Global TV has never seemed that progressive to me, but yesterday after my favorite soap ended, I'm watching Global Toronto news and Leslie Roberts while doing the summary of the oceanic CENSUS story on the newly discovered number of species, some what humorously adds:

There has been no word from Ottawa yet.

A definite shot about the canceling the long form census.

His co-anchor in almost disbelief repeats the line and then starts scrambling, as does the weather guy who is trying to make a quick segue. You could envision the floor directors draws dropping and making the cover up and move on, hand signals or yelling in their ear pieces.

Maybe not that big a gaffe for this pro Harper network, but I thought it was funny.


Beijing York said...

That was a nice, subtle jab :-)

I think that the co-anchor caught herself missing the quip. It seemed like she thought that Ottawa might have a comment - at least for a nano-second and then retreated quickly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the joke.. I thought it went over everyone's head. LOL

WILLY said...


You are probably correct. They haven't been working together for that long. Damn those revealing nano seconds.

WILLY said...

You're welcome Leslie.