Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trapped in Toronto

The latest from FFIB:
If my memory has not failed me, I believe it was pogge who posted about how the radical right is obsessed with their fears. Fear of immigrants, fear of socialism, paranoiac suspicion that their rights and way of life are being attacked by the so called elitism of progressive thought.

So the idea for this somewhat over the top interpretation of two right wing radicals visiting Toronto was born.

Personally I always thought they were just envious of us. Not because of our wealth, power or influence, but simply because we are not afraid to howl at the moon, at two in the afternoon.

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Beijing York said...

Great poster. Love the prominent positioning of Shaidle. LOL!

Alison said...

"not afraid to howl at the moon at two in the afternoon"

Love that!

JAWL, I left you a message once asking your permission to repost Harper's Bridge To Nowhere.
No pressure or anything ;-)and I quite understand if you would prefer not.

WILLY said...

Thanks Beij

WILLY said...

Hi Alison

Sorry I missed the message. Yes by all means you can repost any of the FFIBS.

Here's the link for the Bridge jpeg, which should give you a better image to work with.

JJ said...

That's awesome, I love it!!!

WILLY said...

Thank you JJ.

We aim to please.

Alison said...

Much obliged. Brilliant image.
Biding my time for next appropriate moment to use.