Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday to me

While making a rare purchase today of a bottle of Dalwhinnie, my favorite single malt and a bottle of wine for the boss, I noticed that the neighborhood is being overridden by bikers. Spandex clad, matching helmeted, lance-like bikers.

I winced in horror as I hallucinated about my hemorrhaging, hemorrhoid, being hammered against the saddle. Had a bike once, when I was a kid, but spandex and hemorrhoids don’t mix. A clash of ages, I guess. 

At 62 I have now lived longer than any of my male ancestors and as my feisty father used to say, if you can’t beat them at least give them the finger.


JJ said...

Happy Birthday dude, and many many more! (Mine was just 2 weeks ago, blah!)

Simon said...

hi Willy...happy birthday, here's to many more, and thanks for the laugh.

As for this:

If you can’t beat them at least give them the finger.

I may have to make this the slogan on my blog... :)

WILLY said...

Virgos are such cool people.

Thank you for the greetings.