Monday, June 21, 2010

Oops come back guys the message has changed

Since everything in the Harper government is about marketing Harper, his vision and his stewardship of the new Canadian brand, I find the announcement today from Harper’s governor of the central bank, Mark Carney and the other members of the governing council quite interesting.

Which would lead me to believe that the forecast for future economic numbers are not quite as rosy as originally thought.

I really hope the PMO, you know the department in Harper’s government that makes all the decisions, let’s Flaherty, Paradis and Kenny know about this.

I mean that would really be embarrassing for these ministers, our country and of course the PMO lackey who put that MEP together.

Or maybe they might have been, sent out of town so that Harper would not have to share the spotlight and photo opportunities at the G8/G20 summits.

It is really hard to tell with this lot.

From the CBC saying things aren't that good and the Ottawa Citizen saying things are great.

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