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Hot Dog Vendors Unite

Montreal Simon who apparently no longer lives in Montreal, but instead now dwells in the summit-ized, soon to be battle zone, but don’t worry secured, extremely secured and as we all now know, expensively secured, downtown Toronto, has another humorous post about what a wiener Harper is, well maybe more of a sausage than a wiener, or maybe a hot dog, but in any case it got me thinking about the poor or possibly middle class, but most assuredly hard working hot dog street vendors who are being removed from Toronto’s streets for the duration of the summit, which is removing them from what is most likely the largest market for street sold hot dogs in Canada and of course I then thought about the importance of street sold food to international politics and the important role that the beaver tale played when Obama first visited Ottawa back in 2009, generating articles across the country and in a way showing that the common man and woman for that matter, in case the Dammit crowd or JJ drops by and world leaders can both share food in the simplest form as a sort of tribute to free enterprise, a sort of Proletarian Glasnost if you will and that of course got me thinking about the NDP, which I always think of when I hear Proletarian and I wondered what would the NDP do to organize a battle or stage a protest against this callous move by Harper, since I do not believe that Michael Ignatieff eats street food and Bob Rae has probably given it up, not that that's a bad thing and I thought what we needed was to reach out to all street vendors and possibly all purveyors of food, at least those who sell hot dogs outside of the province of Alberta and possibly any rural areas of Canada and ask them all to permanently add a Harper Hot Dog to their menu with a selling price of say $50.00....

and I thought this would make a statement in so many ways, but over thinkingly pondering as often happens, I became unsure of how high the price should be to really make a statement and besides I really couldn’t get over my new found fact that Montreal Simon really lives in Toronto, like what’s with that or Calgary Grit for that matter, are they not proud of their adopted city and I then decided to forget the whole thing.

Never mind, I am sorry I brought it up.


Simon said…
hi SHOULD be sorry for bringing that up... I started this blog when I was living in Montreal, and about a month later I moved. I expected to return within a year, but five years I'm still here...most of the time.
It was a lame name to begin with, but although I love Toronto, I am proud to be a Montrealer, and besides I was too lazy to change it. But of course now that you brought it up... I may have to consider it. For a minute or two. Damn you. ;)
WILLY said…
Cheers Simon.
WILLY said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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