Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haiku for Harper

I like the theme of the new C.R.U.S.H. ad, that will be running in the Globe on Saturday.

I keep expecting full colour stylized graphics with lots of empty space, but I'm more used to working in product marketing where the picture is used to catch your eye and tell half the story, In this case it is going in a newspaper and the words tell the story, so B/W works. Besides larger more colourful ads cost more money and as we all know by being riddled with Harper's PMO ads, repetition is the key to getting the message out and that costs money.

I contributed to their first ad, but have sloughed off since then. They actually send you statements to your Face Book account of where the money was spent and they spend every dime on the ads. It is probably time for me to find some more cash to help this group. I can probably spare a little. Maybe you can too.

Oh about the Haiku...

For some strange reason the Drunk with Power line made me think of poetry and I have never written poetry or at least poetry that doesn't rhyme on every line. So I looked up Haiku here because it is such a cool word and apparently, you use 3 lines up to 17 syllables (sounds), a season word and a cut (sometimes punctuated). Oh and simplicity is important and if you only reveal 70% of the story that is good, but  just revealing 50% is better. So here are three attempts.
Drunk with power, Revolting!, Summer of discontent 
Imperial arrogance, July by the lake, Defeated! 
A punk with our dowry, Wasted!, See you in September

If anybody knows about writing a Haiku I am open for tips.

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Anonymous said...

You are very nice to blog about this issue.

On behalf of many Canadians who haven't woken up to the nightmare that is Harper, we appreciate the contribution you have made to CRUSH's war chest re raising money to run these ads in National Newspapers. One dollar at a time :)

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