Monday, April 26, 2010

Harper aborts maternal healthcare

They did not clarify whether we will pull out of the current aid programs that provide funding for abortion services or explain how they would separate abortion services when providing aid for maternal health.

Does that mean that Canadians will not provide funding for local clinics or new hospitals if those clinics or hospitals also provide abortion services? Or support family planning education, if those courses include information about safe abortion timing or I assume if the medical practitioner presenting the information performs abortions. What about the red cross, they also provide blood collecting services to be used when performing abortions.

I guess that leaves us creating a somewhat evangelical alliance with the faith based groups who focus more on conversion and after life salvation than surviving the harsh realities of day to day life in the poorest countries in the world.

I agree with Bob Rae, for a party that doesn't want to reopen the abortion debate, they have now placed abortion back on the front burner. And unfortunately again placed Canada as the greatest roadblock to reaching any kind of consensus at the forth coming meetings.

Main story the Toronto Star here.  A reference from Macleans and plug for Harpers church.

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