Friday, April 23, 2010

Conservative Commissars dispersed to the major cities

Over the last 18 months the PMO has set up regional offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
Apparently their role is to monitor local media and provide feed back to party head quarters for dissemination by the PMO's communication apparatus in Ottawa. 
Additionally they are to facilitate access for the non-english media outlets that support the large and growing ethnic groups in the major cities. 
In other words plant the ethic based press releases that continually flow out of the PMO directly into the local community papers, read by individuals of that particular ethnicity.
Working out of a regional ministerial offices in the three cities, the commissars can now increase favorable messaging to the surrounding ridings presently held by the opposing parties.
Or in reality provide targeted propaganda directly to the door step of the vote rich ethnic communities located in our major cities and of course, all paid for with our tax dollars. 
The the next step in building a one party state.

See Macleans article here.

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