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A week of weak apologies

The pope apologized to the Irish people this week for hiding four decades of sexual abuse inflicted by the Irish clergy upon thousands of Irish children. Reportedly not all the clergy, just some of them. Coming three days after St. Patty's day, many of the victims are still angry and believe that the church had intentionally failed to remove the snakes from within their own midst this time around.

A Wal-Mart store manager apologized to black people this week, over the store's PA system. Reportedly not all black people, but just the one's that had previously been told to leave the store by a 16 year old who had also used the PA system. Many of the black people were still upset, after being told they did not have to leave the store and the 16 year old boy was arrested.

Another member of Harper's cabinet apologized to Canadians this week for being an asshole at an airport security gate, but that seems to happen every month. Apparently Harper is going to issue an edict reminding his ministers that they are not above the law. Similar I guess to what the opposition reminded him in Parliament this week.

Lastly I would like to apologize to my one follower. I didn't know I had a follower until recently nor how I got one or whom that follower is, but I would like to apologize to that person for the quality of the posts this week.

They weren't that well written, the topics were, well, kinda simple and there was at least one typo in each post. Plus ffib jumped in for two posts which typically screws me up for a couple days. Hopefully I'm just rusty. It's more difficult getting back to this blogging thing, than I thought it would be. Next week might be better.

I need to wrap this up, as it is starting to sound like a Catholic confessional and I wasn't even baptized. Something I am not sorry about.


Rev.Paperboy said…
The first rule of blogging is "ye shall not worry about frequency, provided you post at least once a week or so"
The second rule of blogging is "when you post Warren Zevon videos, you do not ever have to apologize for quality, in fact, you can coast for a few weeks"
WILLY said…
Third rule when you steal good ideas from another blogger give them credit. Your earlier post made me think of Warren's final appearance again. Thank you.

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