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Jason they could be Japanese Jews in jeopardy

Our Immigration Minister Jason Kenny is apparently not on the top of his game this week. He has not only just wiped our queer folks from the foreign, face of our country, but he also is making snap decisions on the validity of refugee claimants based on, I would assume, his own personal opinion.

Seven foreigners who were in Vancouver for the games have claimed refugee status and although this happens at every Olympics and we have a Department of Immigration to handle such claims, Jason thinks this is, well ridiculous...
Look, to get two claims from Japan? This is ridiculous. Japan is a liberal democratic country with full human rights protections," he said. "You have to wonder what kind of a system we have that encourages people from a democracy like that to be saying that they're victims of persecution and coming to Canada.
Well firstly, Jason we just spent seventeen days telling and selling the world how wonderful we are, maybe they think Vancouver is like that every week or maybe, just maybe, they are Japanese speed skaters, and we could use them to break the hold that Quebec has on the long skates. I don't know, shouldn't we ask.
Secondly and more importantly, Jason why are you still wondering what kind of system we have, you should know, you are the fucking minister in charge.
Jason Kenny, our Minister of Immigration who apparently is still wondering what kind of immigration system we have.

Of course it appears that Jason has a plethora of personal proclamations about whom we should or should not allow into Canada. Thank goodness these radical, right wing, faith based extremists will soon be out of power.

H/T As reported by and Canadian Press


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