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Hiring a Jew for Harper

Just finished reading Gerard Caplan's Globe article, What every office needs to succeed in Harper's Canada. Apparently we all need a Jew or two. 

Caplan is ranting about Harper's "torrid love affair" with all things Jewish and explains in some detail the government's interference at Rights and Democracy (as described in numerous posts by Dawg) and then goes on to to explain a new program that Harper is supposedly planning to get more jobs for Jews in the public service,

This a great article. According to Caplan, since you really can't go around asking a person's religion, Harper will have to instigate urinal patrols to take a head count, so to speak of the existing government. employees. LOL

So I'm thinking that as a struggling business person, we could use a Jew in our office, especially if the government is going to start doling out some cash or corporate tax credits and the like. Hell we have three semi christians, one an original descendant of the United Empire Loyalists, the other a South African born, Canadian, a third Trinidadian born Syrian and two run of the mill athiests. The Jew will fit right in.

It will be good to have someone around that knows how to handle money, especially with this economy. Wait strike that out, it sounds a tad bit racist, or maybe not anymore.

Seven months ago when I quit blogging and gave this space over to Ffib, Caplan's article would of been considered blasphemy or at least a parody. 

What the hell have you people done to my country while I've been gone?



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