Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yo Harper you finished in there yet

The traditional photo of the G20 leaders will be reshot after Prime Minister Stephen Harper missed his opportunity Thursday to be in the first snap.

The BBC is reporting that Harper was in the bathroom while the photo was being taken. The other leaders initially waited for Harper but then went ahead with the photo without him.

In a sincere effort to assist the prime minister and possibly save time at these very important G20 meetings (after all the world is falling a part) I have taken the liberty of photoshopping the prime minister in next to the German Chancellor where he was originally scheduled to stand, using one of his more popular images from the web.

There everyone back to work.


Reference CBC here.


Saskboy said...

Well done with the photo.

Anonymous said...

Was Baird in the can with him?

Torontonian said...

It appears they didn't notice his absence during the photo shoot. Probably a carryover of ignoring him during the conferences.