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What James Moore does not understand

Apparently our new Heritage Minister James Moore, wanted to have a say in what Canadians should be viewing on the CBC.

The CBC which is suffering a similar decline in advertising revenue as the other national networks first tried to get it’s federal funding increased to cover the short fall. However the conservative government has declined to provide additional funds, and even recently announced a reduction in funds to the CBC radio division. So the board of the Crown Corporation is now in the final stages of putting together a business plan that will address the new realities.

Our Heritage Minister who has been quite frank about some of the programming changes the CBC has been making decided it was a good time to meet with the board and talk about the future. He was looking forward to the meeting where they would work together. We will work together, because the global economy is in a crisis, Mr. Moore said.

I assume that the CBC was as confused about what the global economy has to do with programing decisions as I am and they cancelled Moores meeting.

After reflection, the CBC board asked the minister to delay the meeting, to ensure that there is no perception of an attempt by Mr. Moore to influence the board's strategic planning. After all the crown corporation must preserve it’s arms-length relationship with the federal government.

The arm's length principle (ALP) is the condition or the fact that the parties to a transaction or in a relationship are independent and on an equal footing. It is invoked to avoid undue government influence over other bodies, such as the legal system, the press, or the arts.

Apparently something else that Mr Moore does not understand.



Beijing York said…
This is very distressing. Harper is going to use the cloak of economic recession to institute all sorts of ideological based changes.

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