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Undisclosed allegations, no charges, no trials, but maybe open borders

Our Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan met with the new US Secretary of HomeLand Security yesterday and seemed quite pleased that they met with him and promised to meet with him again.

To overcome a view widely held by Americans, that the 911 terrorists entered the US from Canada and that Canada still has al-Qaeda sleeper cells, Van Loan took the opportunity, to explain to his counterparts that Ottawa has demonstrated great strides in countering Islamic extremism.

Meanwhile in Canada:

Mohammad Mahjoub one of five Muslim immigrants who are living under national security certificates as threats to public safety, voluntarily returned to jail Wednesday, after his spouse and his stepson told court they could no longer live under release conditions that were tearing their already fractured family apart.

The five who were imprisoned for well over five years with no charges, no trial and no way to defend themselves against secret and undisclosed evidence, were finally granted bail two years ago when the original Security Certificates were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

However the stringent bail terms that include the CSIS “eyes-on” surveillance, far exceed anything you have ever seen in a television show. CSIS can enter their home at any time, all mail is previewed, copied and distributed, all phone calls recorded, no internet, all members of the family, friends, or acquaintances are under surveillance including their young children at school, Mahjoub can not be in the house alone, his wife or brother in law must always be present, CSIS even followed him into a closed hospital room, while his wife was having a miscarriage, and so on...

But back in Washington:

Mr. Van Loan proposed a pilot project to test pre-clearance for freight and commercial shipments heading to the US from Canada, which the Americans agreed to consider.

After all thanks to over $5 million a year in CSIS surveillance costs to cover these five Muslims, we have the terrorist threat under control in this country.

If you want to learn more about what our government(s) has done in our name, why there will be another supreme court challenge against the revised national security certificates and how this unjust law affects us all, watch this three part documentary Secret Canada here.



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