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Tar Sands did not create two headed fish

As erroneously reported here, the two-mouthed fish caught downstream from the Alberta oil sands last summer is not an unusual phenomenon in dead Goldeye.

Joe Nelson, a professor emeritus in the biological sciences department, said his examination determined that what was thought to be an extra jaw was in fact the tongue. Ligament contraction after death pulled the tongue out and down, he said. Nelson, who added he has no reason to believe the fish was deformed in any way. The specimen is now part of the university's permanent research collection.

It is good to know that the provincial government is on top of these things.

Unfortunately they have not been so forthcoming and to some degree as concerned about water monitoring here, and here, or monitoring the air here and here.

But good to know about the fish.

Just trying to keep my postings correct.



JimBobby said…
Whooee! Good on you, WillyBoy, fer correctin' the two-headed fish thing.

There's more trouble brewin' on the Athabasca up in Fort Chippewayan.

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