Thursday, March 5, 2009

The prophecies of Harper the economist

This week, in one day, Hamilton, Ontario lost as many jobs as Alberta is forecasting to loose province wide, as the oil province heads towards it’s first deficit in fifteen years

I wonder if it is too late to take Harpers election advice about moving the country’s unemployed west. Alberta would then have 30,000 unemployed. In hindsight I sort of understand Harper’s logic, we could keep moving the unemployed back and forth across the country, from one province to the next.

To save costs, we could house the unemployed steelworkers and their families on trains and keep them moving to next available job market. Of course it might get overcrowded if we included the autoworkers and their families, but if we could just hold off for at least a month, the weather will improve and some of them to ride on top of the freight cars.

Ironically, Harper's prophetic warnings from last November in Peru might come true. Who knew...


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