Friday, March 27, 2009

Government throws up another roadblock on stranded Canadian

Armed with his air plane ticket in hand, a ticket paid for by some above average Canadians, waiting for our government to issue special travel documents, so he can return home on April 3rd, Abousfian Abdelrazik is being threatened with another conservative roadblock.

Our Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, now wants Abdelrazik to get himself taken off the UN watch list. Cannon said Friday that Abdelrazik first needs to get his name removed from the terror list before he can travel home.

Abdelrazik’s Canadian lawyer said under UN laws, the country of nationality can bring its citizen home if they are on the blacklist. The fact he finds himself on this list doesn't mean that Canada can't bring him back.

The flight is scheduled for April 3rd and the airline needs 48 hours advance notice whether Abdelrazik will have his valid travel documents. Our government hasn't yet responded to a request for formal notification whether it plans to provide travel documents.

Here's the timeline on Abdelrazik's ordeal.


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