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Time to embrace this depression

Maybe a line of depression styled clothing, Long overcoats, a multitude of stylish hats, much like the JAWL 2009 header at the top. Its features a tall thin look that I think would be popular in todays market. It’s a good look and practical during the winter months. Sort of a Grunge grows up type of statement.

The depression theme could also spread into our music and movies. We need some depressing, solidarity type tunes. Something like: 50 Weeks on the Dole, Bushwhacked by Harper, Here I Am Conned Again or All We Need is Food. You get the idea. Of course back in the thirties the movies went the other way, with flicks featuring Fred Astair as a dancing millionaire, but I cannot see our more media savvy generation falling for that (but then again there is Slum Dog Millionaire).

Canada lost 71,000 jobs in November (seasonally adjusted), 34,400 jobs in December (also seasonally adjusted) and now 129,000 last month in January.



Beijing York said…
One of the best commentaries on depression era, escapist movies, was Woody Allen's Purple Rose of Cairo.

It will be interesting to see how popular entertainment reflects this economic disaster. I've seen a decline in the number of "house flip" DIY reality shows. Not surprising given the housing market and the fact that that whole greedy trend is part and parcel of the sub-prime mortgage disaster.

There also seems to be an increase of family oriented reality TV. Even the CBC has jumped on the band wagon with "The Week the Women Went", set in a small town in NS.

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