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Talking Albert Einstein head and bouncing psychedelic fish

A scientifically ground-breaking robot replica of Albert Einsteins head, that can recognize and respond to human emotions has been developed by a Texas robotics company. It uses 31 motors and a patented flesh-like material called Frubber to make lifelike facial expressions.

Apparently the objective here was to make those Japanese robots you see on TV every now and then look less creepy and as the scientists state in the article this could be the first step to making robots emotionally sensitive, preventing a Matrix-style war between man and machine.

I don't think I trust these supposedly Japanese Texans shown in this video, I find the shorter Albert Einstein somewhat more creepy than say a WALLY and I would also question why they are assuming that the humans started the war in Matrix.

On a happier note a new breed of frogfish has been discovered in eastern Indonesia, off the Ambon Island. The fish has several unique behavioral traits. Each time the fish strike the seabed, for instance, they push off with their fins and expel water from tiny gill openings to jet themselves forward. That, and an off-centred tail, causes them to bounce around in a bizarre, chaotic manner.

The breed has been named psychedelia, by the university of washington because of its multiple colours, presumably unique behavior and probably because the professor who named him is a boomer.


References and links from and the Telegraph UK


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