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Two conservative spokespeople visited CTVs Question Period on the weekend.

Tom Flanagan, apparently also know as the Prince of Darkness claimed that the core supporters of Canada's conservative party (in Flanagan’s mind those would be the former Reform Party Members) are riled up about the budget and are angry at his close friend Stephen Harper.

They are emailing him, a lot and he believes that Steve needs to do something to prove that his direction is fundamentally conservative. Possibly something outside the budget, things like criminal justice where he can make some accomplishments that the Conservative core supporters will appreciate.

Anyway the other visitor Tasha Kheiriddin the director of the Fraser Institute’s Montreal office and a co-author of a right wing revival manual, agreed. People are upset and she thinks it's definitely a feeling of betrayal in the sense that this budget has very few conservative principles in it.

Her big problem is that there was too much spending and not enough tax cuts, and that Ignatieff now has Harper over a barrel with the quarterly report cards. At any time Ignatieff could pull his support and force an election.

How stupid do these transparent party hacks, think we are.

Tasha, as you already know, tax cuts do not stimulate the economy they extend the government deficit. Check out the results from the latest experiment in the UK and as far as the Ignatieff support thing, we do have a parliamentary system of governance and Stevie still doesn't have a majority.

So I guess Harper could follow Flanagan's idea and make a law where we can lock up teenagers as adult terrorists and throw away the key. No wait we are already doing that here and here.

No these two party spokespersons just come around to spread strategic bull shit that there is some sort of conservative backlash aginst their boy Steve. Don't believe it folks, he is still the poster boy for the right wing.

And BCE do us favor, shut down this faux news organization.



Woman at Mile 0 said…
Agreed. They think we are all cognitively impaired and can't see through their dump truck loads of BS.

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