Friday, February 20, 2009

Blame Ringo

Blame Ringo is an Australian band. Their name came about because Ringo forced them to change their first name.

Here’s the explanation from their hilarious and very well designed site.
An Australian band originally billed as Goodnight Vienna was forced to change its name in late 2007 after being threatened wit legal action by Richard Starkey Jr. Apparently Goodnight Vienna was the name of Tingo’s fourth studio album and although he thoroughly enjoyed their music he was obligated to dissuade any profiteering which resulted from the use of his intellectual property. What a bastard. After a spiteful name change (and a lot muck raking) the new and improved Blame Ringo are set to have their revenge...
Here’s some screen shots from the fully interactive site:

I'm not a big fan of "wussy indie folk-rockers" as they describe themselves, and no idea whether this song is any good. But I really like their sense of humor and marketing skills.


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