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Learning about Afghanistan from Americans

John Kerry, the new Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee reveals more about Afghanistan in interviewing Hillary Clinton at her confirmation hearing, for Secretary of State, than our government has told us in the last four years.

Politicians, though they may be, they sound like adults in discussing the plans for going forward. A couple of my favorite lines include Kerry’s description of Iraq and Afghanistan:

Iraq is government without a country and Afghanistan is a country without a government.

The other line is from Hillary when talking about setting the objectives for success:

Our expectations need to be set with a large dose of humility.

Humility, a word we have not heard from an American government since Carter’s term and certainly not one that is in our neoconservative government's vocabulary. I’m starting to get excited about this new American government.

The video was posted by Brave New Films.



Beijing York said…
I sure hope that humility is a new pillar in US foreign policy. Perhaps I'm too jaded but I'm too tired to be excited. Hopefully you're right :-)

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