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WHO CUT THE CAKE is a comedy series, set inside the fictional Cooper/Johnson wedding and its surrounding events. Driven by its characters and story, Who Cut the Cake begins with the rehearsal dinner and ultimately ends wherever we see fit. The series blazes a trail yet unseen on the Internet: it is not sketch comedy, no one speaks into the camera, and there is no mention of "blogging".

Episode 1: Who the fuck
Dave and Lizzie, the bride and groom, would've bet the house that they, of course, knew everyone who was invited. They would've lost.

Episode 2: Thanks for coming

Episode 3: Mr. Cooper and Your Mom

Episode 4: Matt Lauer and the Tossed Salad

Episode 5: Two Girls One Cup Size

Created by Scott Foley.

Who Cut the Cake is a 60Frames original series.

I'm on a plane (all day) on my way to the end of the world of Mac show. Posting will be intermittent, so I thought I would post a soap opera for your viewing pleasure.



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