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Rev asked what Willy Loman did

Heh heh, I think that’s funny. 
Anyway what the Rev asks for, the Rev gets. Here’s the list of jobs that this Willy Loman got paid for
  • Peeled potatoes on Thursday night
  • Delivered Fish and Chips on Friday night
  • Delivered the Globe and Mail on Saturday morning
  • Manufactured things that are now made elsewhere or no longer made at all
    • Bic pen tubes and caps
    • Circular rotary file card systems
    • Timex display stands
    • A pulper at Facelle
  • Horseback trail guide and Garbage man at Blue Water
  • Sculptor Assistant for projects at the CNE and Pickering Power Station
  • Packer at a Dominion Store Opening
  • Room Service Elevator operator at Chateau Lake Louise, met with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Dish washer in Banff, met narcs pretending to be born agains
  • Sold the Straight, got chased by US sailors and some other strange folk
  • Sold mens wear at Towers Dept Store
  • Sold mens wear at Miracle Mart Dept Store
  • Ended up selling everything at a bunch of Miracle Mart Dept Stores
  • Sold Great West Life life insurance until I ran out friends
  • Sold Rustcraft Greeting cards
  • Sold portraits of kids, dead people and poorly coloured cats
  • Ran Tobacco Books, which sold books and cigarettes since I wanted to smoke and read books
  • Delivered the Gazette when John Lennon got assassinated
  • Sold pens, stickers and smelly erasers with Canadian flags on them
  • Ran airport and hotel gift stores
  • Ran the Den for Men which sounds better than it was
  • Sold Apples Lisa’s Macs
  • Sold everything that plugged into Macs to people who sold Macs
  • Ran a MSRO which if you know is really selling your soul
  • Painted for a year and took care of my mom
  • Worked on Windows for six months, got fired, I was grateful
  • Software manufacturer
And to take someone else I'd like to bug Buckdog and Steve V 

I going on a road trip next week and will be posting about the end of the world .



Beijing York said…
It's about time :-)

This entry definitely needs explaining:

Dish washer in Banff, met narcs pretending to be born agains

Sounds like there's quite the story there.
jj said…
Yes, let's have a little detail on the dishwashing job ;) Sounds like it might be a post in itself.
See, that didn't hurt a bit AND you got a double request for a post about your mysterious past!

Face it Willy, you are not only liked, but well-liked.

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