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Meet the Bloggers, The Green New Deal, Van Jones

Meet the Bloggers is a online video show created by Robert Greenwalds Brave New Foundation which is broadcast online every Friday, focusing on unconventional political opinion and analysis, which I think I signed up for once. This is their last episode for the year, aired on December 19th.

It features Van Jones, author (The Green Collar Economy), environmental leader and founder of Green for All. He is one of the hope driven, change is possible Obama inspired activists. Positive, inspirational, almost cultist sounding. much like Cory Booker, the major of Newark, New Jersey (another inspiring politician that Americans will hear more from).

As per it’s title the show talks about the “Green New Deal”, getting America back to work by not only creating new technologies, but also dealing with getting back to work greening existing buildings (office towers, homes, etc.).

Their conversation incorporates green technology, unemployment, poverty, racism, the corporate media, life in Kansas and a positive plan for rebuilding America, all paramount upon the belief that Obama will fund, inspire and mandate economic environmental change.

Simran Sethi, an environmental, media expert and Huffington blogger, is currently a professor at the University of Kansas and her input is interesting as she talks about addressing the non acceptance of climate change by the American midwest and how to move the conversation towards a center of common ground.

Chris Rabb, brings up a major point about the corporate control of the media, a problem that we also have in Canada. His pessimistic view is that change will be hampered by the media and will not occur until the “movement” gains access to mainstream messaging.

And that is what this sounds like, a movement. A movement that has not reached Canada yet, maybe a movement that has not reached the majority of Americans yet, but you can certainly see the beginnings here.

You can sign up for Meet the Blogger feeds here.



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