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Liberal if necessary, not necessarily Liberal

Congratulations to the Liberal party for selecting a new leader quickly.

By the early reports coming from the MSM, Mr. Ignatieff seems to be getting a very favorable welcome with articles about his ascent to power, a pictorial slide biography and a special presentation tomorrow night on Canwest Global.

Now if the Liberal party could just as quickly start working with the NDP on proposing some detailed economic proposals that they will immediately implement as a Coalition government, it will set a bar of acceptability and a comparison for the proposals that Harper will present in January.

Right now Harper is getting a free ride on setting the economic strategy and is throwing down a tongue in cheek gauntlet, inviting the opposition parties to offer specific suggestions for managing the economy.

Take him up on his offer and ask for formal meetings with the appropriate ministers, force his hand to cooperate, show Canadians that the Coalition is putting the economic emergency ahead of political opportunism.

I obviously disagree with Mr. Ignatieff about the importance and necessity of the Coalition. The threat of defeat is the only way to force Harper to put his ideology aside, even for a short while and start respecting the role of parliament.

However I also agree with him when it comes to a wait and see what Harper has to offer before making judgement.

Avoiding an election is not only important for the country right now, I believe that Mr. Ignatieff realizes that it is also important for the Liberal party.

In this new coalitionist environment voting Liberal is no longer the only way to stop Harper.



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