Friday, December 19, 2008


Nice to see that Flaherty has expanded his circle of advisers beyond the passerby walking down the street.

Harper’s finance minister has broadened his sources of economic advise to include a provincial finance ministers meeting this week in Saskatchewan, a quickly formed advisory council of CEOs from various Canadian corporations and even advice from the Liberals.

Of course all of this is to show that Harper and Flaherty are reacting to the dramatic changes to Canada’s economic fortunes that have occurred, apparently over the last two weeks.

We are being asked to forget that all this was projected last summer by the government’s own EDC (Export Development Corporation) as well as every other economic forecaster and that Harper’s November Financial forecast was not an ideological attack on the financial foundation of our electoral process but instead a cautious approach to steering Canada through rough waters.

It is now the new partisan approach to governance and even Preston Manning has climbed down from his pedestal to warn westerners to cool their rhetoric about Quebec and to advise liberals across Canada to write their MPs about the danger of the Coalition.

Yes sir Mr. Igatieff row that boat ashore because the conservatives now respect you.


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