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I want a coalition for Christmas

The same overwhelming majority of Canadians who believe that Bush is a criminal and have cheered the election of Obama have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the ideological social conservative transformation of their own country.

Instead they believe US styled political attack ads that warn about the evils of a potential socialist, separatist alliance that is out to destroy our Canadian democracy.

The truth unfortunately is the opposite.

We now have a cabal of social conservative, PMO politicos that have run rough shod over the ministries of our government.

Similar to the destructive infection of neo conservative ideologies into all facets of the American political process, Harpers coterie of PMO agents in three very short years have infiltrated our governmental, departments, institutions and bureaucratic decision making processes.

Their influence has redefined, weakened and in some cases eliminated safeguards, funding and rights that protected the health of Canadians and provided social freedoms that used to proudly define our country to the rest of the world.
Defunding of women’s rights groups, reduced funding for the arts, limiting the access to government information, transforming immigration into a two tier system designed to provide preference to low cost temporary workers, not to mention their greatest achievement in their first year, the creation of an anti-environmental ministry.

Where once we led on the world stage, we now impede, obstruct and confuse.

Our health ministry has buried two major reports outlining in detail the increased health risks caused by air pollution and ignored the world wide acceptance of safe injection sites in a spiteful attempt to reverse the decision of a provincial court.

Deregulation for deregulation sake has weakened our food inspection agency, defunded BSE controls at slaughter houses, reduced airline safety by turning over pre-fight inspections to financially struggling airlines and created our own made in Canada $75 billion sub prime mortgage market.

A sub prime market of underfunded, risky mortgages which have now been bought from the our banks with fabricated bravado and Canadian tax dollars.
These rights and safe guards were not some ideological gifts from a previous Liberal government these were hard fought for concessions and protections that Canadians have lobbied for or in some cases gone to courts to achieve.

Instead we now have a government that uses the courts against our parliamentary democracy to silence parliamentary opposition to their illegal acts such as offering a bribe to an independent member of parliament, and boldly sues it’s own institutions when it is caught circumventing electoral advertising rules.

A government with the sole purpose of the transforming Canada into their narrow vision of social conservatism.

A government who recklessly rushed the country into a federal election to secure majority power on the eve of an ensuing world wide economic crisis.

A crisis that their own economic departments had forecasted six months before.

Failing to achieve a majority mandate during this wasteful election this social conservative junta in one last desperate attempt tried to cripple any political opposition and create a virtual one party system by rewriting the electoral funding rules for political parties.

Despite their new found interest in performing the job they were elected to do, this is not a government that Canadians should trust to lead us through the next two years of economic hardship.

They had their opportunity and they have failed us miserably.

My Coalition banner is hanging by a thread in the hope that both the Liberals and NDP take the chance, no matter how slim to bring this government down.

I want a coalition for Christmas.



janfromthebruce said…
Me too! Enough of this winner take all mentality that only works for a few elites and power brokers. Time for democracy to work.
Beijing York said…
Bravo JAWL!

The Canadian public are getting played by massive disinformation, lack of transparency and accountability, and sweeping support from the corporate media.

If Ignatieff props this government up, he will eventually be branded nothing more than a self-serving US interloper and neo-con enabler (sooner than later given the speed with which Harper intends to destroy our federal government).

Never thought I'd miss Jean as much as I do these days.
I'm not sure where I stand on the coalition.

I'd rather it wasn't necessary and the house collaborated on the economy like I heard so many times.

It may be necessary of course, and I'm not afraid of a coalition. But to me it boils down to two points:

1. I can't trust Harper to be non-partisan at all (or even less partisan).

2. The government failed to take sufficient action on the economy.

If there is some movement on these two points, I find it harder to justify defeating the budget.

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