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Hey Iggy whats it going to be the coalition or me

Our sanctimonious prime minister is offering an invitation to the new liberal leader to sit down with him to discuss the economic situation and even present some proposals.
I'm optimistic that the next leader of the Opposition may want to look at different kinds of arrangements in the best interest of the country,'' said Harper.

I hope the next Liberal leader, the first thing he'll do will be willing to sit down with me and have that kind of (economic) discussion,'' said Harper.
Although splitting up the coalition is a self serving move for Harper, it’s such a big step for our proroguing prime minister that I am sure he wants Canadians to believe that he is now acting somewhat like a parliamentarian.

After all he is now offering to talk to at least one member of the opposition.

Of course the conservatives do need time to change their radio ads and get the new message out to their storm troopers.

Meanwhile being prorogued apparently doesn’t prevent our government from worrying about the small stuff like bailing out the Canadian auto industry,

You can expect Clement and Flaherty to offer up some portion of the $6 billion that the big three are asking for after the Americans finalize the $15 billion US bailout this week.

It’s makes you wonder what the big stuff is that Harper and Flaherty will finally propose when they present their economic recovery budget in January.

If Iggy continues his reticence towards the Coalition and fails to reaffirm the alliance it will most assuredly consist of more ideological cuts similar to the leaked $200 million reduction in funding to the CBC.

So we are all waiting patiently Mr. Ignatieff.

Harper to see if he actually needs to start doing his job and this old salesman to see which Blogger template goes best with orange.



janfromthebruce said…
It is not just about Iggy but about the liberal party - what are they willing to sell out to keep their liberal hides?

And the list goes on - so if they sell out the coalition - it says that the libs are just into well, the libs, NO MATTER THE SPIN.
Iggy Liberal said…
Man, you socialist don't get it. We're not selling out our principles. With Iggy as leader (FINALLY) we have a heck of a lot more in common with Harper than we do with socialists and separatists. How could you even wonder what we're going to choose? Bye, bye coalition. Bye, bye socialists.
my worst case scenario: Harper throws Iggy a bone - gets rid of the a few objectionable budget items - and Iggy takes it, abandons the coalition and the Conservatives rule for another three years with Liberal backing while Iggy move the party further to the right and anyone to the left of him just plain gives up with the exception of a few hardcore Layton loyalists and lefty political junkies. Then the Liberals and Conservatives can trade back and forth in government without a damn bit of difference between them.
Beijing York said…
And at that point Rev. Paperboy, they will probably toss out or radically transform our parliamentary democracy and replace it with a US two-party system.

Harper's base will be thrilled to see the Charter burned to ashes, and the spineless Liberals will find some feeble excuse based on a moronic philosophical gymnastics from human rights "expert" and leader. Manley will be salivating with the prospects of complete integration.

And Canadians will be lied to and told that they gave these *ssholes a mandate to destroy this nation.

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