Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canadas leader says depression possible

At least that is the headline in the Taiwan News .

For a guy who has been so hesitant to use the R-word for the last 4 months, maybe Harper should of chosen his words with more care during his CTV interview, and stayed away from the D-word.

The Taiwan Herald has pieced together different Canadian economic stories, about Harpers uncertainty, the automotive bailout, half a million potential job loses, and cancelled tar sands projects to paint a very grim picture for the Canadian economy.

Probably not a good thing for foreign investment or the Canadian dollar since Taiwan has the worlds fifth largest foreign reserves.

Then again maybe that is how it looks from the outside.

Or more likely the Taiwanese just want to rub Canada s nose in it for being so arrogant at the last couple of world conferences.

PS: They also have a picture of Ignatieff and a side bar piece about him next to the article. Yep, don't think they like Harper in Taiwan.


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