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The worst cringe worthy crazes of all time

A poll of 3000 on line shoppers at came up with a list of the worst fads of all time and the Mullet with its combination of shorter hair on top and at the sides and a shaggy mane at the back came in number one. No argument from me there.

Here’s the top ten as selected by this poll:

  1. The mullet hairstyle
  2. Shell suits
  3. Crazy Frog ring tone
  4. The bubble perm
  5. Tamagotchi virtual pets
  6. Reality television
  7. The Macarena dance
  8. Ponchos
  9. Adidas popper tracksuits
  10. MySpace, Facebook etc

To me the second worst should be Elephant pants which I at one time owned and they didn't even make the top twenty ...

and I am a little upset that the poll even included Lava Lamps as number 12.

Where else can find bubbles that actually rise and fall with music?

Reference: Telegraph UK here .


psa said…
I don't even know what the hell these ones are.

Shell suits
Crazy Frog ring tone
The bubble perm
Adidas popper tracksuits

Though I think you could just call ring tones in general a worthy shit fad. Is it wrong that I want to punch people in the face when they sit and wait for their fucking idiotic lo-fi ring tone to finish before proceeding to have an overloud, inappropriate and annoying conversation in my proximity. In fact, lets just say that cell phones are a curse and their use should be curtailed with extreme prejudice. oh yeah, and get off my lawn you kids...
JAWL said…
Apparently a Shell suit is a shiny two piece, glamour track suit. Pic here

Bubble perm is just that, a tight curled perm in the shape of a bubble on men & women. had one of those in the 70s too.

As for Adidas tracksuits, I don't think you should wear anything with the name of your shoe on it, including a shoe that has it's name on it.

And yes it is probably wrong to punch someone in the face for listening to their ring tone unless it some kind of rap tune and they are doing it on your lawn.



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