Saturday, November 29, 2008

It was my dollar ninety five they were taking away

Despite all the cynicism from the conservative media, about how the opposition parties care only about their share of 27 million tax payer dollars, it was my 1.95 the Harper government was planning on taking away.

The 1.95 per vote subsidy was introduced by the Chr├ętien government in 2003 as an attempt to clean up political financing by weaning the parties off big corporate and union donations.

The same type of interest group financing that has corrupted the US system where large corporations and industry lobbyists fund both sides of the house in order to exert their influence on overall law making.

Canada was just as guilty with our largest corporations of the day Imasco, BCE, Bombardier not to mention energy and resource giants, the banks, unions and pension funds all insuring their pound of flesh when push came to shove.

The representative financing alternative introduced by the Liberals provided a honest and fair mechanism for Canadians to make their votes count.

As an example from the last election most Canadians that voted for the Green Party were voting on principle and were doing so to support both morally and financially a party they realized would not get in power, nor have a chance of win a riding in most cases.

Without this representative financing new political movements and parties can not form and our democracy would be weakened.

Ands that was what the Tories were trying to do, weaken our democracy.

Oh and they pissed off the professionals on the hill too.

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