Monday, November 24, 2008

Friedman wants to move the inauguration up

Thomas Friedman, the not so progressive NYT columnist is concerned that Bush is going to screw things up and is suggesting here that the inauguration should be moved up.

Apparently it has happened in the past...

In 1933, the Great Depression deepened as the country drifted between the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his inauguration. In an attempt to prevent that from happening again, the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution moved presidential inaugurations from March up to January -- but now even January 20 may not come soon enough for the struggling American economy.

Friedman believes that the worst is yet to comefor the US economy.

There is a storm coming," Friedman continued, "and it hasn't hit yet.

And I believe the decisions made, possibly in these next two months, could determine the next four years.

This administration could be over before it starts -- over in the sense that it will spend the next four years digging out of a hole that has been created right now, that may be deeper and darker than anyone realizes.

Apparently some of the Senators on the hill want this to happen too or at least get Obamas team involved.

Can’t see Bush who has spent the last eight screwing up the US would want to stop doing so now.

He still has too many pet projects he wants to complete.

Reference: Raw Story here.


the rev. paperboy said...

Can they move the inauguration to February 2004? No? Okeydoke, how about next Tuesday?

sassy said...

The rev just made me laugh, good one ;)